It's motorbike season again

Whenever I have time I grab my photo gear, hop one of my Triumph motorbikes and go out of the city. Munich is surrounded by the Alps, Italy is just around the corner, and, Austria is not far either. I've been busy packing myself in warm clothes to catch some winterscapes for you. See all images here


Shutterstock features my work

Recently Shutterstock introduced five travel photographers and gave them the chance to tell their stories and how they work to get the most out of their trips. I had the honor to be one of them and I got featured with my work around my USA road trips.  MOst of the photos you can see in my series Fill'er up, Back Roads, and People of the South. See the stories here


Traveling Cambodia again

In February 2018 I came back to Cambodia to travel and of course to take photos. Last time I shot q series of Cambodian Street Barbers. This series made it all the way to media like the Weather Channel and got featured on Bored Panda. This time I shot a series about the "abandoned" city Phnom Penh in the night time. It's a visual flashback to 1975 when the Khmer Rouge took over the city and chased all the people out of town and killed hundreds of thousands people. Check out the whole series here