Up North!

Last week I did a trip up to the northern part of Germany and to Denmark to the Baltic Sea. It was great to see how different the light is up here and how much later it gets dark compared to Bavaria. Even though photography was not the focus of this trip it took some shots. Here's on of them.


It's a Gas!

If you're a petrolhead you might also like the book "It's a Gas!" that just got publsihed by "Die Gestalten". I'm happy to see that my work also found its way into this book

It’s a Gas! explores the surprisingly diverse world of the gas station — a functional high tech temple, a transit zone, a film set, a converted residence, or an abandoned ruin hidden in a backyard. The world of pumps is full of surprises, ready to be discovered in this book.

The preface was written by US-American talkshow legend and passionate car collector Jay Leno. 

Check out the book here